Working with B2B Transportation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified transportation provider for B2B Transportation Services, Inc. Below are essential requirements necessary for your company to work with B2B Transportation:

  1. B2B Broker-Carrier Agreement must be completed by an authorized employee of your company who has been granted authority to sign legal binding transportation agreements.
  2. Have a valid MC/MX or USDOT docket number. Intrastate carriers who do not have a current DOT number may provide a state registration number.
  3. A valid Tax Identification Number AND federal tax information must be submitted as part of our carrier documents package.
  4. You must provide a Certificate of Insurance listing B2B Transportation Services, Inc. as a certificate holder and meets the insurance minimum requirements listed below. Certificates must be produced from your insurance producer (agent):
    • Auto Liability / BIPD $1,000,000
    • General Liability $1,000,000
    • Workers Compensation if applicable
    • Cargo $100,000